Meat Henge Contest

Well alas, Kitchen Monkey's meat platter came close to placing but did not make it into the top 3. C'est la vie--it was fun anyhow. Thanks to Dr. Biggles of Meathenge, and congratulations to Deb, Meg, and Nic!

You can see the entries here. And you can see my original entry post here.


drbiggles said...

Dude, my jaw hit the floor when you didn't pull in. I had you tagged for 1st or 2nd. I redid my adding 3 times JUST TO MAKE SURE.
I did a conclusion post at Meathenge, to sum it all up this morning. Just reshashing what you already know. Take care,


Barbara (Biscuit Girl) said...

You stuff looked much better than some of the other entries. You're a winner to all of your readers.


Kitchen Monkey said...

Aww, shucks.