Tuna Tataki - 2010 Update (Endangered Food!)

Hello readers! Just a short post today. It turns out that one of my most continuingly popular posts is one I did years ago about tuna tataki, which you'll find here. It still gets about 30 to 50 hits a day. So, I thought it time for a very quick update. First, now that I live in D.C., the prices I mentioned in the old post are sadly inaccurate--at least, for D.C., where sushi-grade tuna can easily run $22 per pound.

Second, and more importantly, some species of tuna (in particular the mighty bluefin and yellowfin tunas) are tragically endangered. You can see this site for a bit more information. As much as it pains me, I have stopped eating tuna unless I can find one of the non-endangered and eco-friendly varieties, and they aren't always readily available. Sigh. Sadly, it's the Japanese (who invented many of my favorite foods, including tuna tataki) who are largely responsible for the state of the bluefin tuna. They eat the vast majority of the bluefin tuna consumed in the world. And if you're Japanese, don't get all defensive on me. I aint preachin'. We Americans specialize in making species endangered or threatened. Anyway. Do your part. Enjoy tuna (and every other species) responsibly.

Yeah, OK, I am preaching. Big deal.