I've Been Busy

So I feel compelled to post because Nick from I'm Cookin' Here memed me today. The idea of the meme: find the 5th sentence of your 25th post and repost it, looking for any hidden subtext or deeper meaning. So here it is:

"Don't ask me to make a cake, I won't."

Having analyzed the surrounding context of this phrase, and having also pondered the possible latent or subconscious meanings behind it, I have come to the conclusion that it signifies that I hate cake. This was also the overt and explicit meaning of the phrase. Go figure. Does it reveal something about my inner psyche? I believe that my inner psyche also hates cake. So there you have it.

What else is new? Just had a birthday sushi party. About 20 of my fellow law school classmates showed up, as well as some of my sister's friends from USAID, and I taught a number of them how to make sushi, then let them do most of the roll-making while attended to some potato croquettes. It was a grand old time, with much (perhaps too much) sake and wine ingested. We will be finding little bits of sushi rice stuck to chairs, tables, and cats for weeks to come, but it was worth it.
And just in case there are any doubts about the subtext behind this last paragraph let me be explicit:
Mmmmmmmmmmmm, sushi.