New Look, Same Great Blog

My mind is cluttered enough, no reason for the blog to be. In the past, to keep the posts from taking up too much space on the main page, I have posted the recipes in the comments. No more! Now beneath every post you will find a link: Read the recipe! which you can click in order to, well, read the recipe. I haven't yet figured out how to tweak the template so that Read the recipe doesn't appear in every post, even those with no recipe (like this one), so if anyone has any bright ideas I'm all ears.

We're going to Sangria Tappas again tonight, so we'll probably get a little of that ol' Spanish wine. Hopefully won't drink too much of it. Hopefully won't knock a mug of forks onto the floor like last time.


Homyrrh said...

My mouth waters as I read this. I love food.

Anonymous said...

Hey! figured u'd enjoy this site: http://www.indian-recipe.net just found it n they seem 2 b updatin it daily...o well..enjoy!

kitten said...

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