French Toast with Lemon Curd & Fresh Strawberries

I didn't make this, it was Liz's idea and doing--but it was such a great combination for breakfast I had to post it. Sorry no picture, but you know what french toast looks like, so close your eyes and imagine two of them done to cinnamon-dusted perfection and topped with a quivering dollop of lemon-yellow curd, with a casual smattering of deep red, quartered, fresh strawberries. Isn't that nice? You have such a vivid imagination that I don't even need pictures.

The lemon curd she made several days ago, from a recipe in Gourmet, which you can find here at Epicurious. The strawberries were picked fresh from the same farm where Nick (from I'm Cookin' Here) got his strawberries, which seem to be plentiful in Flordia at this time of year.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting combo- it's never occurred to me to try lemon curd with my french toast, but I'll have to give it a whirl next time I've got a jar waiting to be plundered. Thanks for sharing!