Flying Monkey

After tonight's karaoke at Memories Lounge, Kitchen Monkey is going away for the holidays. If he stumbles upon any wireless internet zones in DC or NYC there may be a post or two before Sunday, but otherwise expect the full rundown somtime next week. Thanksgiving dinner will probably be sushi in D.C.- there are a number of decent places. Saturday we'll hit Minca, a little Ramen place in NYC, and Saturday night, sushi at Masa! Just kidding. I not only don't have the reservation that you have to make over a month in advance, I also lack the $300 that gets you in the door.

In the meantime, I leave you with another monkey picture. Drink your OJ - the sick is going around!


liz said...

Come back! What am I supposed to do, feed myself? I mean, really.

claudine said...

best. monkey picture. EVER!

start said...

Hi there " Kitchen Monkey " --- I was in the search engines researching SEO Software when I came upon your blog..... I don't know if you are out of place in the engines, or I am out of place and just don't realize it :-)