The Busiest of Times

Hello monkeylings,

As you may have noticed, I haven't been posting much lately. This is due in part to how incredibly busy I've been with work, financial aid applications for law school, etc etc. and partly because most of my recent meals have been rehashes of previously posted recipes (such as the never-fail ragu alla bolognese and lamb stew provencal). I did make some a very large and very tasty homemade batch of split pea soup with lots of bacon. If you want some, I still have two containers of it in the freezer.

I will be posting again soon, later this week I plan on making one of my favorite dishes for a group of friends. Its an Iranian dish called fesenjoon, and its outrighteously good.

And one other thing. Dr. Biggles of Meathenge passed along this photograph, which is just too bizarre not to spread around. Somebody please explain.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


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drbiggles said...

Okay, got some help here pal. You NEED to be sitting down.

There were some little white words on that image, that you probably wouldn't have been able to read in my snapshot.

The artist's name is Donald Roller Wilson, http://www.donaldrollerwilson.com/

The name of this cute chimp is Naughty Betty. The name of this painting (yes, Ronald has these on canvas) is Naughty Betty holding Mrs. Jenkins or Jennings' big hot butt. circa 1989.

Oh criminy, just go visit his web site. The man is a real gift.