Key Lime Mascarpone Cocannolis

I'm beginning to enjoy the making of desserts. I think its temporary, and I will never make a cake. I hate cake. Except carrot cake, which I like about as much as the lesser members of the pie family. Don't ask me to make a cake. I won't.

These were concocted in preparation for a five course meal I'm planning to cook for the family around Christmas. The recipe comes from Bon Appetit, I certainly can't take credit for it, but I did make some changes after the first batch didn't turn out quite to my liking. Also, the magazine refers to them as Key Lime "Cannolis". My favorite dessert is the almighty cannoli, and I should stress that these are NOT cannolis. They are similar in shape, maybe, but the "cookie" that forms the tube is completely different, and comprised mainly of flaked cocoanut. That is why I call them Cocannolis. I'm not saying its clever, just more appropriate.

That said, they are really good. The key lime tartness counterbalances the intense sweetness of the shell, and the shell itself has a really fragile texture--it almost disintigrates in your mouth. Yum.

Now, to save space on my main page, I'm going to start posting the recipes as comments. So if you wants to make the things you sees, click on "comments" below this post. Sometimes I'll be lazy and won't post the recipe right away, and then maybe I'll even forget. So, if you want a recipe and don't see it, just ask!

Oh yeah, the orange stuff, that's mango, diced and sauteed with a little water.

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Can you send the recipe for " key lime cannoli?? "Chlonthdrk@hotmail.com